Tahoe Triple

The 3rd Tahoe Double Marathon +
(The Cal Neva & Lake Tahoe Marathon back to back with a 10K interval in betwee)

A Saturday -Sunday you will never forget
  October 10-11, 2015
Saturday night 11:59 PM
A  Midnight start with an 14.5  hour time limit.

If you have questions contact our new Tahoe Double Marathon and the   72 Ultra director, Lucia Lake 1-(707)-334-6884 email

 Jon Paul Gallery

as of April 1, 2015

Spooner Summit to Pope Beach

The course is the Cal-Neva Ultra Marathon and the Lake Tahoe Marathon back to back finishing with the regular LTM. 
Total miles = 58.2

Because of the LTM course change with the new start line moving down the course 6.2 miles  to Homewood, the Cal-Neva Marathon will be extended by 6.2 miles.

One Race 3 finishers medals!

Cal Neva Marathon medal +10K medal+ LTM medal


  1. The Tahoe Double Marathon  will start in the Parking lot at the intersection of H50 and H28 near the top of Spooner Summit at midnight.
  2.  It will be completely dark without any street lights until you arrive at Incline Village at about mile 11.
  3. You will run on the shoulder of the road facing traffic on H28 running towards Incline Village, Kings Beach, Tahoe City, Homewood, Tahoma, and finish with all the other races at Pope Beach.
  4. All runners for the Tahoe Double Marathon MUST be lit with night reflecting gear, flashing lights that will not be missed by approaching cars, and head lamps or flashlights. Runners who show up at the start line without these lights will not be able to run the race. This rule will be strictly enforced and is for every runners safety.
  5. There will be an orientation meeting  at the Expo on Saturday afternoon with the 72 milers.. (see time line for details)
  6. Timing ends at 2:30 PM for all events
  7. The first 32 miles will be unsupported after the start. You will need a support vehicle and crew.
  8. Support vehicle-person will be allowed to support up to 3 runners maximum.
  9. The support vehicle-person will need to monitor your well being and tend to your nutritional needs for the first 26 miles to Tahoe City.
  10. Mile 32 at Homewood is the start line area of the Lake Tahoe Marathon and your support crew can cut you loose.
  11. The last 26.2 miles will be supported during the time of the Lake Tahoe Marathon.
  12. See Time Line on main menu.


Car pooling or adoption requests are posted here.
Send email to LesWright@sbcglobal.net to get posted.



See Elevation Chart

5" stand up Finishers Medal for your desk
Embroidered travel bag

 Two Finisher's neck medals
Overall trophy for male and female
All entrants get:

Event T- Shirt
Finish Line food and hoopla
New friends
A  Sunday morning run you will never forget